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 Issued by JMA at 19:45 on Jul 20,2018
Typhoon No.10
Location Latitude =24.0
Longitude =130.2
Area 南大東島の南南西約220km
Size --
Strength --
Maximum wind speed 25 km/h
Direction of movement 北北西
Speed 15 km/h
Central pressure 985 hPa
Maximum storm radius -- km
Direction of maximum storm radius --
Minimum storm radius -- km
Direction of minimum storm radius --
Maximum gale radius 500 km
Direction of maximum gale radius
Minimum gale radius 330 km
Direction of minimum gale radius 西
Information on forecast center position
Date and time of forecas --
Location Latitude =--
Longitude =--
Maximum wind speed -- km/h
Direction of movement --
Central pressure -- hPa
Radius from the forecast center position -- km
Maximum storm warning radius -- km
Direction of maximum storm warning radius --
Minimum storm warning radius -- km
Direction of minimum storm warning radius --
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