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  12:18 Jpn3 Mie2
  12:16 Seismic intensity
  05:37 Jpn3
  19:42 Jpn3
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 Issued by JMA at 12:18 on Aug 01,2020
Occurrence at 12:15 on Aug 01,2020
Seismic intensity map
Seismic intensity map in Mie and neighboring area
Information on Earthquake
Type of information 震源・震度情報
Announcing authority 気象庁
Date and time of announcement 08/01/2020 12:18
Date and time of occurrence 08/01/2020 12:15
Epicenter 和歌山県南部
North latitude & east longitude 北緯33.8度,東経135.4度
Depth 50km
Earthquake M4.2
Distribution of seismic intensity
No information in Mie
Owase-shi Nanyo-cho  Owase-shi Minamiura  Owase-shi Chuo-cho  Kumano-shi Arima-cho  Kiho-cho Udono 
Kumano-shi Kiwa-cho Itaya  Mie Kihoku-cho Aiga  Mie Mihama-cho Teradani comprehensive park  Mie Mihama-cho Atawa 
The earthquake information on this website is for earthquake scale 3 and above for earthquakes outside Mie and those that are 1 and above in Mie.
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