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Privacy Policy
At the Disaster Prevention Office of Mie prefecture's Disaster Prevention and Crisis Management Department, the (utmost) care is taken to protect information related to users. Our policies are shown below.
Privacy Policy
1. Applicable Scope
Our Privacy Policy applies only to users of the services provided at This Privacy Policy does not cover handling of personal information by other sites we link to.

2. Modification of Privacy Policy
Our Privacy Policy may be changed or updated at any time. We will inform users beforehand of changes in our policy on user information.

3. Information Collected
1) For E-mail distribution service
    - E-mail address
    - Address (Up to the city/town/village)
    - Which area you would like the information for
    - What type of notification you wish to receive

2) For inquiries
    - Email address

3) Purpose of use
    We will use your information only for:
    - Email distribution list
    - Responding to your inquiries
    - Reviewing the contents of our service
    - Making decisions regarding service operation policies

4. Regarding the mail distribution service
1) The mail distribution service is outsourced to companies specializing in weather information and email magazine distribution.

2) In order to prevent third parties from registering with your mail and email address, we cannot register you for the email magazine via blank email. You must access the URL in the registration email sent by us, and go through certain processes in order to confirm your identity.

3) We use an encrypted communication system (SSL) for communications involving in the registration of email addresses.

4) We use registered email addresses only for the mail distribution service.

5. Disclosure of registered information
Registered information is not disclosed or provided to any third parties, unless disclosure required by law. However, user statistics based on your residential area may be disclosed on this website.

6. Changing or deleting your registered information
You can delete information provided to our site at any time. To change or delete your registered information, we ask you to send a blank email and access the URL in the registration email sent back by us.

7. Regarding registered personal information
We make the utmost effort and take logistical and technological measures to prevent unauthorized access to registered personal information, as well as unauthorized removal, falsification and disclosure of this registered personal information.
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